The Effects of Impeachment on Presidents

As a president, there aren’t many things that can ruin your political power aside from being im-peached. Having to face an impeachment trial in itself is enough to rock the boat when it comes to maintaining political clout within the House of Representatives and congress.

Even if a president is found not guilty and is not impeached, it can be hard for them to get the general public, let alone colleagues on their side when trying to pass bills or make amendments to laws.

Repercussions of a Presidential Impeachment

The biggest repercussion for an impeached president is that they lose their position in office and can not have it back any time in the future. But there are also other repercussions that come with such a decision made by the senate:
A loss of respect from the public.
A tough time getting a new job in the community.
The lack of opportunity to engage in business endeavors with colleagues.
The inability to gain enough trust from the community to run for any kind of office again.

The outcome of a presidential impeachment is stressful and challenging for the first few months, but that doesn’t mean that life ends. Impeachment simply forces a skip to the next chapter of the im-peached president’s life.

Moving on From Impeachment

As mentioned, there is always life after impeachment. President Nixon even thought ahead of time and decided to resign before an impeachment could be held over his head. He also got his successor, Gerald Ford, to pardon him before all was said and done. He wrote memoirs and eventually made his way back onto the scene, even giving advice to Jimmy Carter at one point.

The bottom line is that while impeachment is a big deal, it isn’t something that a president can’t bounce back from with some commitment and a strong will not to make the same mistakes again in the future.